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Intro to Future Go Posts

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One of my hobbies is studying and playing the game of Go. I’m around 3 kyu at KGS (an internet go server) at the time of writing this. I learnt the game about 9 years ago and been playing it actively from Dec 2010 again. This hobbie helps me get the necessary attention off from work but at the same time keep mind mind sharp and feed my need of thinking about things.

In the last year I’ve stumbled on some good Go software, books and other materials. Also I’ve found that it is quite difficult to know beforehand if a book is suitable for me and my level of Go understanding. I’ve bought books that are over my head and at the same time books that are too easy. Also I’ve been looking for really good tsumego books but again I’ve had more failures than successes. So I thought that I’ll at least help others and write couple of posts about specific books I’ve enjoyed at my level. This post is more of an intro and I’ll follow up with couple of book reviews.