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Problems Restoring My iPhone

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After doing a full backup of my iPhone and then only hours later trying to restore a new phone from that I got the error iTunes could not restore the iPhone/iPad/iPod because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored.

Googling and going through the first posts I felt quite miserable because the solution was to do a new backup. This was impossible as I had just traded my previous phone in.

After fiddling around with iTunes (which was very unhelpful with the process) I did find a solution. Here are the steps I had to take:

  • Set the phone up as a new phone
    • When I tried to skip this step the next step wouldn’t work for me. Next step kept asking me for a passcode but a new phone didn’t have one. Once I did a full setup of the phone I was able to enter the passcode on the next step.
  • Update the software of the new phone to latest version
  • Now do the restore and no more error message!

I hope I can save somebody some time if this ever gets indexed by Google …