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Skype Bot for Fun and Profit - Intro

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This is a repost from now already closed blog Couple of months ago I was travelling and found myself in a hotel room with many hours to kill. For no particular reason I started hacking on a Java based Skype bot. Couple of weeks later I took the time to polish it and enable it for company wide notification chatroom. Now couple of months later I’m on vacation and will write about how to write a Skype bot in Java.

The Plan

The Skype bot needs a bit more work than your average IRC bot because of the proprietary nature of Skype. There is much clicking and downloading of certificate stuff to get you started for example. Also I want to show you how to put the bot into action, so we will go beyond just the bot.

Getting started

In this Part I - Getting Started we will go through the steps to get you started with the Skype developer program and download all the necessary software for the bot. The registration process, necessary accounts etc. Once you complete these steps you can develop any other bot out there.

Hacking on the Java part

In this Part II - Getting It Running we will take a Java Skype bot and get it running. It requires a little more than just compile and run so it has its own chapter. We will also look into how to use this bot to notify about important information to Skype chat rooms.

And maybe something more

If everything went well then you have your own bot running now. There are many ways to go forward and improve the bot and the services. Lets see if we have time to cover those. Hopefully next time that I have a dumb crazy idea I go have a beer instead.