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Looking for a RSS Reader - I Don't Like Feedly

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Google Reader will be shut down in less than a month. I have about 150 subscriptions that I’ll be missing out on if I don’t find a an alternative! I’ve gone through many different options but I still haven’t found the one that could really replace Google Reader for me.

Most of the time people recommend Feedly to me. Supposedly it just rocks and is better than sliced bread. I’m sure it is quite good but what puts me off is that to use it I have to install a Chrome plugin (my browser of choice). And you know what Feedly asks in return? Access to data on ALL websites.

I wonder what does that mean? Here is a quote from Chrome’s website that says

This item can read every page that you visit – your bank, your web email, your Facebook page, and so on. Often, this kind of item needs to see all pages so that it can perform a limited task such as looking for RSS feeds that you might want to subscribe to.

Caution: Besides seeing all your pages, this item could use your credentials (cookies) to request or modify your data from websites.

I guess I’m a little bit too paranoid to let a browser plugin read all my pages (from bank statements to private email discussions). I’m not even sure why would a RSS reader want to do that but I’m sure we’ll find out one day. Until then, I’ll keep looking.