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Jenkins - Disable Reloading

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I’ve been doing some Jenkins plugin development. Just some tweaks here and there. One thing that bothers me a lot is the console reloading. So whenever you are on the console and by accident press the ENTER key (I sometimes do that to clear some screen to see when new Exceptions start) and a redeploy happens instead. Usually I run out of memory during the reload also.

When you run your mvn hpi:run it will say that some sort of reloading is enabled.

[INFO] Console reloading is ENABLED. Hit ENTER on the console to restart the context.

Of course no information on how to disable this. By googling around I finally found the solution!


So hopefully next time you google for the message you’ll find this flag quicker. You can consult this Jetty Issue for more information on the console reloading trigger.